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Broski is BACK!

Oh man, it's been... Crazy. Okay, so, long story short. I had a pretty bad mental breakdown, but I got over it. The burnout I had from university was intense. I'm finally done, I've got a week off. But, I decided to take this week easy.... I'm going to the airport on Tuesday and Wednesday for the weekly CAP meeting and some SAR ground lecture, respectively. 

The first SAR (Search and Rescue) lecture was lots of fun. Actually saved a couple of hours of lecture because I already knew a bunch of stuff from flight school (namely, how to read a sectional chart and how to preflight a Cessna). 

But I got to learn stuff like how to properly scan the ground, the patterns they fly when searching, what to look out for, proper communication with the rest of the flight crew and radio guys. Speaking of, I'm also going to pursue a radio operator certification so that I can actually help out in the ground during the summer when it's too hot for me to fly up in the plane. 

I also got my uniform in! Which is... Big. So I'm going to get it custom tailored. Luckily I don't need to wear it anytime soon. And finally, I'm gonna get to fly again this Saturday after like a month. But then my last semester starts again on the following Monday. That's the final stretch... Then I get my degree. Ugh. Can't wait for that! 

Well let's see.... Today I went to the beach, and yesterday I made some friends at a party who invited me to go shooting with them. Definitely going to take them up on that offer - but AFTER the summer. It has been getting hot lately. Hopefully it will be a mild one. 

Oh yeah, and I've also been exercising. I've been doing quite well. Probably not as good as I should be doing, since my weight hasn't changed. I don't know why all the weight I gain seems to go into my belly and face. I'm really not heavy at all, I've got a normal BMI, but my face is so.... Fat. My cool jawline is gone. It's a shame. But I'm sure that I will get it back eventually. 

Anyways... I will try to update this blog daily or at least every other day, like I used to. I enjoy journaling and looking back on my memories, so I'm going to put in the effort to do that.

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