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Just finished my rewatch of Invincible to freshen up my mental image for when season 2 comes out later this year. Ohhhh god I really love it. What a good fucking show. I love superhero shit like this. I love deconstructions like this. I love realism like this. Like, yeah, when superheros are having their epic battles, there are hundreds of humans being turned into paste underneath the falling buildings and flying cars. 

I feel like it was almost a bit... Pandering? Like, I liked it, but sometimes it felt like a gay parent pointing at rainbows to show that they're supportive. Like, gee, thanks, it's kinda just a rainbow though. Like, I love it! But at some points it's like... Hey, can the gay best friend character have more going on for him than just being the gay best friend? Like, yeah, yeah a gay guy actually dating guys and being gay, that's fucking awesome! Fuck implications, have him talk about wanting to score with a dude! But, can he do MORE than that, y'know? I love him! He's a very funny guy! Give him more than his friendship with Mark and his sexuality!

Fucking love the gender studies mad scientist. He's so fucking me. If I was a mad scientist I'd totally be an SJW about it too.

I love Mark. I don't normally normally like protagonists, but I love Mark. He's flawed, but he's so real and well-meaning. He gets his shit kicked in but he keeps on trying. He sees the value of human life and the joys of being alive no matter how short it may last compared to his own life. He tries his best, and sometimes he's selfish, sometimes he's a total asshole.

I "love" Nolan too. I think he's incredibly well written. One of the villains you love to hate because he's more than JUST a... dick, to spare spoilers. He has his moments where humanity shines through.

I love the side characters. I love how some characters have implied depth. Like, Damien Darkblood feels like he could have his own whole entire fucking comic. He feels like the protagonist of another comic having a crossover with Invincible. Same with Battle Beast. Just a glancing crossover. It feels like when other heros appear in Spider-man 2099, which is the first and current superhero comic that I'm reading.

Cecil also feels this way. Just the way he acts, and that scar on his face, you just know he's been through enough shit to fill a series of novels. I love him. I looooooove morally gray characters like him! He does the asshole stuff 'cause he has to! Everyone, including himself, hates him for what he does but he gets the fuckin' job done. 

I really like Robot too. I won't get into his later actions, but what a fascinating character. I'm glad no one on Tumblr stans this show, as Robot would induce the most stomach-churning, jaw-dropping, friendship ending, fandom destroying discourse that the world has ever seen. Personally, I'm just... interested. I don't know what to think, really? I'm so ready to see what the characters all do. 

I'm thinking about reading the comics. I really love Robert Kirkman's other work. I fucked ADORED the comic version of The Walking Dead. Good fucking comic, man. Gotta reread it. Hated the ending, it fizzled out once we meet the whisperers, but other than that it was pretty fuckin solid, dude.

Just, man. I really love it.

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