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the mick jaggening

this is just detailing my journey to having like 2000 pictures of mick jagger on my phone :’).

so, im a huge fan of classic rock- but i haven’t always been, since the people in my life are not. my mom listens to pop country, and my dad’s into surf rock and reggae.

and anyway- last year on July 26 (which coincidentally is mick’s birthday) i saw the picture i have as my pfp, david bowie on mick jagger’s lap. and it like- altered my brain chemistry man.  like an instant hyperfixation on this old man. and it spiraled into my obsession. and now i know so much about the rolling stones, mick, bowie, and just have been able to explore music more fully, meaning now my music taste is literally divine.

but ultimately i think i really just want to be mick- i mean hes so far out. his glam era? i want to be him. early 60s in his student clothes? i want to be him. he is so fucking cool.

sir michael philip jagger omg

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