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I am using Windows 11

I am using Windows 11 on a Surface laptop. It ain't that bad...

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I got the Windows 11 update three weeks ago on a pretty small computer (it's physically tiny, it fits right on the corner of my desk haha, it's cute) that was bought pre-installed with Windows 10 three years ago and was thus eligible for the update. Waited and checked pretty much every day since the release day, October 5th, kept refreshing my Windows update manager pretty much on a daily basis haha until one Tuesday, three weeks ago when the update was finally there and things have been running smoothly since the update, no issues so far at all. I enjoy Windows 11 and I like how the apps panel moves slightly when an app is opened and closed, it makes it seem more "alive" somehow.

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I personally feel like Windows 10 was Windows 8.1 with a start menu.

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I'm using Windows 11 on a Dell Precision Tower 7810!

I'm surprised that this OS managed to install flawlessly under a Intel Xeon processor, since my processor's few years old lol

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I have a Surface, so it was relatively easy to update. When I was running Win 10 I was having weird issues with network and bluetooth, but after installing 11 they seem to have gone away.

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I use 4 computers so far

The Thinkpad 440p running Manjaro Linux (XFCE) since this laptop's old, and I don't think W11 would install on a 2013/2014 processor.

Dell Precision, which, it's pretty obvious what I use it for.

a Dell Ultrabook for some things

and a MacBook Pro!

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