i have built my own entirely self-hosted website from scratch!

finally completed the culmination of several months of work. im very proud of myself; i am now hosting my own website off a baremetal server in my home. i am also running librex on it, available to the public, and plan to self-host some more useful tools on it in the near future. ill do a more lengthy blog post on the process behind this  in the near future as well. the website is a available here. this is definitely not anything impressive to anyone with any real experience, but ive spent the past several months teaching myself everything required to do this from the ground up. i built a computer from scratch, i chose and installed a linux distribution and installed it, i configured an apache webserver from scratch and set up everything required to work on it remotely... blah. this took a long time to figure out from the ground up so i think i have the right to be proud of myself lol

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Alveus Nosville

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Where'd you get the domain name?

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i used porkbun, though i wouldn't recommend them specifically! i just asked my webdev friends what they would recommend, so i cant necessarily vouch that porkbun is better than anyone else. i have heard cloudflare and namecheap are good... (btw remember to open the ssl port 443 on your firewall because its not counted as part of "www" it took me so long to realize why my ssl wasnt working and wanted to defeat myself in battle after i realized)

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>not counted as www
important to know, thanks I'll look into that

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Congrats, guy! Your website’s pretty rad. I’m proud of you. ^-^

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