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SpaceHey Introduction✮

《★~ Introduction ~★ 》

Hey there, welcome to my account. My name is Chris ( Online name ) and I'm a 17 year old Scottish Person   ) and here is some information about me! 

✮I enjoy drawing, preferably traditionally but I do enjoy water colouring sometimes. I like drawing realistically

✮I enjoy listening to music artists such as MCR, Elton John, Eminem, TV Girl and many more. ( My Spotify playlist is current 28+hrs and is still growing )

✮I love learning about History such as WW1 and the serum run in Alaska 1925

 enjoy reading too, I hope to get more back into this hobby someday

✮ top 3 movies currently are: Rocket Man, Joker, The Dark Knight. I like many more movies but there are my top 3 

 love travelling, here are some countries I've visited so far: Norway, Romania, England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, France, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Finland

 My favourite subject is Biology

 I enjoy learning Russian, another hobby I hope to get back into

 I have two pets, a cat named Bailey and a dog named Iona

( Im looking for new friends so feel free to add me :--) 

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