Spiderman 2099 art dump!!! (+ a lil rambling)

Tumblr-l-76180669773645 Tumblr-l-76203506724001 Tumblr-l-76183360724113 Tumblr-l-76182094313488 Tumblr-l-76194010408536 Tumblr-l-76195328165306 Tumblr-l-76197461769159 Tumblr-l-76201549050095 Tumblr-l-76200101008638 Tumblr-l-76187619097288 Tumblr-l-76188967932600 Tumblr-l-76190386032652 Tumblr-l-76210253172957 Guess who added miguel to the name list, ME!!! I got toms and willow to agree to it so now I just need logan's permission which might be easier said than done tbh... either way epic transgender win to find a name that fits. Also I'm 1992 comic run miguel irl real so that's an added bonusĀ 

- butters

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