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Check it out! - BitView - Express Yourself (2009 YouTube)

First off, if you like nostalgic sites like SpaceHey, and miss the old YouTube, then this is a really cool site and I think you'd like it!

I've been on it for about a month and it's been really fun to use!

Check it out HERE!

And real quick, if you do check out the site and want something to watch, maybe consider subscribing to my channel! ;D I'd greatly appreciate it :3

Check out my channel HERE!

And finally, there's now a BitView group here on SpaceHey! And while you can share your content on BitView itself using the groups, you can also do it here too now! Share the site, and your videos with the world of SpaceHey! :3

Check out the SpaceHey BitView group HERE!

That's all! Really hope to see you there! And thanks for reading :3

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