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The dormant chronicles

Shiny Flashy Green Matrix

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 And now, I'll write this, as a sort of codex or recopilation of what my dreams were, I am someone who, at the time of this being said, sleeps little, not out of necessity or desire but because of more. Personal, information that involves delusions and hallucinations. 
 As usual, each and every, will be catalogued, not by name, but by number, as per usual, I'll codify them into segments, such as cables for installation. 

 U03T13X-1 :

 Now, the dream was already started when I've gained consciousness, yet that doesn't reprimand me of knowing what happened in those hours. 

 We ran, 2 someones that I've never seen before, one had a mustache mid growing and was big, had dark hair and his eyes were always closed, he never closed his mouth, neither did he talked, he was just there to guide us further down at the end. 
 Then, the other someone was skinnier and taller, long and curly hair, a very angular face, his eyes were bright and big, open attentively, his posture annoyed me, he standed landing his shoulders in front of him. 
 The last someone was a kid, a not bright one, buzzcut, way more darker in tone, had a blue cardigan with a space theme on it, I liked that cardigan. 

 Thing is, we ran loops, on this whiteish, urbanized place. It was round and the houses were big, 3 stories big, panicular, imposing, and far, as a skybox would appear in and old 3D render. The dimensions were odd, the panels and the signals were smaller yet the fences, off white and bigger than us in every way. We weren't on rollers back then, but now we were and we just, went round and round around the middle of this sheltered area, until a corner appeared. 

 Someone, another one, bigger one, blond and with a look on it that, resembled a stereotype of skater, waited on a post, and besides it there was a hole, a hole in the ground.

 Drenched in olive oil, oozing green, from the green neon grass of the outside, into a now, sewer. A foul stench of olive infused with gray waters, the two someones jumped in without advice, then indulged me and the kid into joining in the investigation...

 I did jump in, and the hole wasn't bigger than my frame, so once in there, I was cramped, I saw the light from outside turn blue, and the blue reflect on the neon patch of grass from the removed dirt that opened the hole, now we were in, a 3ft per 4ft space with a height of 4ft found me inside of it and it was, well. I am not claustrophobic yet, I felt bad for any of those two who now freaked and could want to go out only to find themselves trapped and me being the boulder. 

 I anyhow, didn't care, it was flooded up to 1'4'' of grey water, some pipes started on the front, left and back side from facing the entry way, needless to say I felt like that strange video game that I've played when I was not even 5. An elevator went down, everything was dark and had little touches of green, now, I had a gun yes, but out of the darkness a humanoid creature jumped in and attacked me. Marked by that little interaction, flashing on my dream, I decided to go in, head first into a pipe, and the water quickly began to rise as I went deeper into the tubes.

 The tube found to be a normal tube and I was found to be drowned, no panic, but, knowledge that there's where my life would end, only to be disturbed into life again by the exit of said pipe into a new chamber, green, dark, gloomy, cold, spacious, 2 lights from my wall where the pipe stuck out of, was all the lighting there was. And in front of me a space, two ramps going up steadily and barely inclined submerged into the abyss in front of me. 

 I got out of the pipe, I walked with no fear but with curiosity into the abyss, I heard nothing and whenever I saw into my back I saw the two lights flicker into the farness away down there. Now I was above how far I crawled into the pipe, only to find a metal door. 

 Rusted and with a language I could not recognize now, transported shivers upon touch, that, didn't satiate my hunger for knowing what else this dreamstate will give me. Now for an end, the last thing from the door was a screech of the corroed metal into the moist cement, and behind the door, a staircase, going down more, now with lights, yellow lights, who showed how algaes took over the place in the past. 

 I went down the stairs and that's how the dream ended. I could not remember anything else other than being awaken facing the wall, an inch, lesser than an inch to it. I felt the coldness of it on my nose. 
 I don't want to dream anymore now, the presence of perturbation in the air and the oddness of the noise made me decide to not dream anymore. And I won't

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