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Being delulu about WrightWorth (part 123456)

Ok so, let me be delulu for the 123456th time this week, and let's talk about the gayest lawers of all time shall we?( I shall this is a blog)

Alright, so, because of Miles' trauma about the DL6 incident, he clings to the only people that really know about it, Gumshoe, Larry and Phoenix, as they try to teach Miles how to enjoy life again in a better way other than sending people straight to a death sentence. Phoenix, at first, is nervous about how Miles will take this new way of life, but with how fast he's improving, and how willing to change he seems, there isn't much to worry about. 

On the other hand, Miles is not only trying to change for himself, but he's trying to change for the one that gave him a chance to do so in the first place, Wright, that outgoing defence attorney Miles was sure he despised a few months ago, now made his heart race whenever they were even in the same room for a few minutes. The prosecutor had been trying to get ahold of his feeling, unnecessary or not, he made an effort to piece everything together in order to get these feelings known to the other man. Only prolem being,, that Phoenix just didn't get the hint in any of the attempts Miles made, no matter how close he sat next to him on a couch, no matter how much he started clinging to his side like a squid, heck, no matter how many times he tried to flirt with a cheesy joke or a sassy comment, Wright just thought Edgeworth was finally egtting out of his shell of introverted nature.

So one night, after a particulary long and difficult trial, Miles invited the attorney over for a drink or two, and in fact, they did drink two or three drinks indeed, but after a while, they both got dizzy from the alcohol. They both stared at each other, word vomit coming out of both their mouths, and withough knowing it, they both decided to it a day, kissing each other goodnight in a drunkenly haze before parting ways.

Next morning was definitely eventful, Miles holding a piece of paper trying to decide whether or not to write an apology, a confession or to chose death over a piece of paper again like last time. Luckly, he didn't have to even lift a finger, as there was a knock on the front door.


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