I'm getting tired of people telling me that love will come when i least expect it

My problem is that I am always hoping to find my romantic soulmate, there is never a moment when I'm not thinking about what love will look like in my life. I really hope that there is someone out there who is as full of love as I am everyday. 

Yesterday I read about "loving like a dog" and i can't stop thinking about it. I realised that I love like that, because I will give you my whole even if you're just giving me not even half of it. I will be loyal to you even if you abandon me. When someone shows me an ounce of attention, I'll be happy.

I can't be alone without anything to do, because I will immediatly feel like not being enought, and when someone gives me something to do, even if it's minimal and nonsensical, all my fears will instantly disappear. Physical touch is my love language, and giving hugs feels like connecting our hearts.

For so much time I've been watching and rewatching romcoms hoping that, one day, one of the protagonists will be me.

As I am now 20 years old, I can still remember the first time that I watched a romantic movies and thought "oh, how I wish that was me", but my hope in this is becoming weaker and weaker.

Everyday I feel this overwheling sense of love but no one to share this with


literally me

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my problem isnt getting girls its getting girls who actually love me and wont stab me in the back later down the line for no reason

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Maybe you should try eating donuts (JKJK)
The unexpected love thing is a yes and a no, it depends. There's a lot of people out there waiting to meet you, stranger, and I'm pretty sure someday you'll get what you want (a partner) I can promise you anything and I don't know the future, but man, the posibilities are infinite. You can do it stranger! follow your dreams and archieve your goals, I'm sure you can!!
I like donuts, do you?

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try joining us in the hopeful aromantic club /j

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1st Generation

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if your expectations of a relationship come from rom coms and romance novels then im sorry for you. Im not saying stop having expectations of how you should be treated, but i recommend trying out casual dating or relationships because you will never experience what you see on the screen. Just like action movies, just like horror, just like pornography. If you compare real life to the stories created by authors and business executives, your vision will always be skewed to fiction. While real happiness passes you by. Experience life, you might get hurt. Thats okay.
enjoy your journey!

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Idk dude, maybe u just have lower standards than me ƪ(˘⌣˘)ʃ

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i hope your loneliness is eternal

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