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Returning to My Podcasts

Hey Everyone, hope you all are doing well. Ummm...this blog post is to get a jump start on getting back into my podcast. I did one episode on Robin Williams and his unfortunate untimely demise. Here is a link to listen to it:

The name of my podcast is Connect the Dotted Lines. It offers my thoughts and commentary on mysteries and secrets hidden in plan sight. I have been trying to think of my next topic to offer my thoughts on and it could be ''How the Stars Communicate with Us Through Their Film".  I believe celebrities and the like have to use their medium to give us clues on the truth they are living behind the scenes. Obviously they can't tell everyone one by one, so they use photos, lines in songs, videos etc. to tell the truth. 

Another idea is looking at the deaths of our favorite celebs and correlating them with moments in their lives that led to their fatal moment. Examples are Paul Walker and his car crash while also being in a race car movie franchise, Marilyn Monroe being found in bed at her time of death, but she has been pictured in so many photos that look just like her crime scene. 

Anyway, if you have any content you want me to talk about message me. Also, let me know what you think about my podcast. Peace and chat with you soon.

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