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Day 2 on Spacehey

Hey! It's day two and I can't decide on my layout very well.

Oh, and I'm thinking more of doing a layout all on my own... It never looks cool enough though. I wish I could be better at this already but I know it'll take time.

Huh, today I had to go to art course and it seems like both me and mom forgot the drawing I was supposed to finish there so we skipped the drawing and went to practicing how to draw feet.

I will finish the drawing soon, and of course play cookie run (both ovenbreak and kingdom)

The art course is fun and we talk about things like what if we could survive going inside a black hole, cartoons and movies, and pre-historic animals, it's just common stuff to talk about.

And if it isn't, it really should be.

I wish I could feel more comfortable to talk to people instead of typing this.

Well, time to do things.

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