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The soup government is trying to silence me

You may have noticed that I've been gone for a whole month.. This is due to the fact that the soup government is trying to silence me... they kidnapped me so I wouldn't spill anymore of the truth behind the soup community. Honestly this is just proving how bad they truly are, not even the soup supporters that commented on my last posts would be able to justify this horrendous act. This was even more vile for the soup government to do since it was my birthday on June 5th... (tell me happy birthday NOW or I will skin Yoshi and force feed you his crispy rinds) However I must inform you that may get kidnapped once more.. I now live in fear from the soup government but that doesn't mean it will stop me from speaking the truth. 

Soup community supporters DNI.

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its been a month solider...hang in there...

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OMG HOW DARE THE SOUP GOVERNMENT DO THIS TO YOU!!!!!! #stopthesoupgovernment

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