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BNHA Art Dump

Hii guys! So if you guys noticed I’m a bit of of bnha fan and I’ve made quite a bit of fanart, so I thought I would dump it all here! If u also like bnha be my friend 🙏 it’s my current hyperfixation but literally all my friends hate it 😭😭

Anyways I’ll start with my favorite drawing. I really went out of my comfort zone with this one, I tried to add things in the background middle ground and foreground which is something I don’t really ever do. There are some mistakes with shadows and stuff but overall I really like this drawing:)

Next is a drawing I made of bakugo. I tried to draw this as close as possible to the style of the manga and I think it turned out very nice. Again there are some mistakes that I wish I could go back and fix but I won’t point them out haha

For comparison!! I made this next drawing of bakugo in 2019

Next I have a drawing I made of Uraraka! I worked on my perspective in this one. The shading looks weird but that’s because I drew this when I first got csp so I was still figuring out blending modes and how to get the effects I wanted.

Next is a Todoroki doodle I did without sketching 

Again, the next drawing is one I made of him in 2019

Lastly these are a bunch of bnha ocs I drew! None of these are mine they’re all requests I did :)

Thanks for reading, bye :D

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wowow!!!! Your ability to shade (esp. hair) is sooo good!!??? I love your art style, and it's grown a lot!! I love the one of Uraraka!

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LadyCat 🌺

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While i may not be in BNHA do love how you draw these characters

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Hey, well you know, that means just as much to me!

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