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be urself! (why I think being cringe on the internet is a good thing)

I think there is a certain place for conformity in society, in the work place and at school it's good to dress appropriately and behave yourself, which is why I think everyone should take advantage of every opportunity they get to be themself where they can!! Make art to express ur emotions, type however weird or silly u want, share your interests, talk to people like you! The world is full of AWESOME stuff, don't hide your awesomeness in a box because you're afraid of being judged! You already get to be judged by your boss and your teachers, enjoy the time you have off from that stuff to stop being so scared! Especially on the internet, just have fun, be you, and do what you love! As long as its not hurting anyone, theres no real reasoon to keep hiding the things u love X3 BE U!!! Be boring or cringe or basic or weird or whatever you really like to be and makes you happy, no matter how scared you are, and you'll find there r lots of people just like you out there who will see you and feel better about being themselves!

Stay awesome :D !!!!

- butters

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