Why I think Heartbreak trio is better than TNT duo

Please know that I don't necessarily hate TNT duo, i just think that it's painfully overrated because of how much reach it has, for example, unlike Heartbreak trio, which is a more unheard of from a lot of people. However, this is entirely my opinion, so respect it pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

So , i've talked about why I personally don't like TNT duo in another blog, so i don't wanna go further into it here, but i will say that i believe Heartbreak trio(Quackity+Wilbur+Schlatt) is, in a way, better that it, so i'll explain why here.

First of all, if you consider it, all three of the people's dynamics work well with each other, like how Wilbur and Quackity both have a backstory with Schlatt, and all seem to enjoy each other's company. Especially Wilbur and Schlatt share a lot of memories from all the way back when they did the water rising videos w each other, they seemed to be close. On the other end of the spectrum, Quackity and Schlatt have always been close, letting each other in streams(back when Schlatt used to stream)


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