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byi + triggers + dni ☆✩


 I am a MINOR!!!

you MAY interact with me if you can mantain personal space with me!!

 I use slur words alot but if it triggers you please tell me b4 convos! If it bothers you if a minor like me uses slur words or acts mature please do mind your own business. 

 I will not hesitate to unfriend you if something bothers me about your behaviour >> I do not support highly racist people , homophobics , fatphobics , anti lgbtq , furries(sorry) , etc...

 I use caps!! using caps does not mean I am mad. pls have common sense!! If it triggers/confuses you pls ask me.

 I may use jokes that may trigger you dw I will use them with caution!



racist people , homophobics , fatphobics 

anti lgbtq , annoying people , acts of helplessness/ making me do everything 

phobias (basically anything) , pedos , sa/harassment 

mentioning 18+ things basically mentioning sexual actions you are doing right now and in the future. 

do not give me tmi about the things i have mentioned above because I am not in that position/age to talk about things 18+



basic dni criteria 

do not interact if you fail to maintain a good friendship or have toxic traits.

if you have antis in the kpop society pls buzz off bcus all of them slay.

pedos , zoophiles , maps , fatphobics , if you have weird fetishes...

do not interact if you are 18+ sorry!!

I am religous so please do not use offensive jokes about christianity , catholics , etc...

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