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Chuopoloscope // 1


 Today's Topic: Taylor & Taylor

Taylor Taylor Taylor....and...Taylor Taylor Taylor ! i guess that's alot of Taylors lol

Helloo My Beautiful Swifties and...Non-Swifties ! welcome to the Chuopoloscope ! where i talk about almost....EVERYTHING ! always on my other blog series lol.

Let's Talk about the Man....his Tan skin...his sweet smile...his....Wut Taylor said lol

who am i talking abt ? u Guessed it.....Taylor Lautner !! 

Who is that u asked ? i'm glad u asked ! Taylor Lautner is the ICONIC ! (that is not all i'm saying lol). He is THEE Best Ex of the Swift Book

I'll give u at least 3 reasons why he's the best

1. He is Iconic

he is cute...charming...sweet....Cutie-Charm ! i'm not that creative lol

2. He is Iconic

ik i already said that lol. but he is a Acting ICON !! I luv Acting Myself if u must know lol. i mean i have not seen ANY of his movies but i've seen memes of him lol

and Last but not least....

3. He is Iconic

He always in support of Taylor Swift for EVERYTHING !! Whether it's Music or Life in General, he is Always (Mostly) There !

and these are tthe BIG THREES of Why Taylor Lautner is thee ICONIC !

u just watched a Chuopoloscope, on Spacehey (TTI Reference lol)

Anywhoodles ! Thank u for coming to my Chuopoloscope ! Come back Tomorrow for Another Scope-Scoop ! cATCh yA LatERRRrR !!!!1!!1

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