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Trend hoppers

Im fine with doing Trends cuz I do sometimes , but if u do EVERY trend u see, nu uh.😡like for example, when South Park started trending in feb, every one liked it, but now these middle school “sigmas” boys are always on my fyp now posting videos that say, “pov: beating up South Park fans is now legal!” And it’s sum Radom guy shooting or sumthing like that. Like Nathan I could’ve sworn u were yelling “TIMMHAAA” in the school halls last month.(I don know anyone named Nathan) like I’m ngl SOME sp fans are a little odd..but not all of them!(as a sp fan)

But jus be u! It’s fine if u start liking something when it becoming trendy, that’s fine!(except for 2020-2021 it was corny at those times)

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