Mini Art Dump

i thought it could be fun if i did a little mini art dump (only like 5 drawings)

most of these are like 5 months old so my art style isn’t completely consistent. not posting these in any particular order.

first up is just a chibi drawing i made of my ocs aki and evelynn about two weeks ago. honestly i just wanted to draw them beside eachotherΒ 

my oc robyn giving herself a silly little haircut

robyn doing da dishes

aki and evelynn from the chibi drawing i showed previously

some gay mlp ocs I made when I was 12 that I redesigned 😭😭 the original art is so funny to me

and finally this is just one of my original concepts for evelynn. just ignore those dudes she’s kissing πŸ’€

more art soon :) tell me what you think of theseΒ 

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TYSM!!! I’ve been working a lot on my improvement this last year!

by sabbath πŸŽ€; ; Report

Well you can definitely see the improvements in the art, looks soo good :)

by noot; ; Report

LadyCat 🌺

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Kisses your art

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thank u for ur continued support β€οΈβ€πŸ’‹β€

by sabbath πŸŽ€; ; Report

My pleasure love your art style and characters

by LadyCat 🌺; ; Report