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JUNE 14TH 2023

Today I went to school. I felt weird today. Sat in the bathroom at lunch, rewatching Neon Genesis Evangelion episodes. I talked to a new friend today, It was good. I got a lot of free food at school. I spilled melted Mr.Freeze liquid on my jeans on my thigh. It was super cold... I walked home and I read Homestuck, I ate spicy chips and a muffin. Then everyone went to the beach except for me so I got time alone. I fed the cats and played with them. I practiced guitar for the first time in a while (And i Still suck). I should do Homework. Haven't studied in some time now. I will do homework, Clean up my room a bit, Practice some more guitar to get maybe a bit better lol and then I will settle down in bed, start reading a new book maybe, and then put on Neon Genesis evangelion and go to bed. Thats my day and my plan for the rest of the night. Maybe I'll draw too. Who knows. Thank You for reading my Web blog entry!

JUNE 16TH 2023

Wow i didn't update yesterday haha. I just stayed home. Anyway today i went to school. It was pretty good! My art teacher told me that she thinks Amsterdam and Berlin are very 'me' cities after I told her i would like to travel to them. She also suggested I go to Barcelona. After school I talked with my mom who got fired from her job because the girl training her is a jealous retard who looks like a troll. Then it was Kennedy's dance recital. So cute! Can't believe I used to do dance. I got her a lot of candy and surprised her with it after the recital. She didn't even rlly care. Then I got home and read homestuck. Now I will try to get all of my homework done within the course of this weekend. Yay! Thank You for reading my Web blog entry!

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