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Just got my GED let's gooooooo!

Fuck school all my homies hate school. You'd think since I live in a major city that's very expensive to live in that our public curriculums would at least be average but they absolutely suck. Our school district in general sucks, I could go on for hours about all the constant problems. Regardless, I just don't think school is made for brains like mine. I'm not like a genius or anything but I confidently know I'm not stupid. I've actually been told I'm really smart by lots of people my whole life and it kinda makes me uncomfortable because I don't think that's true. I'd say I'm mostly emotionally intelligent but in terms of like IQ I'm probably average idk. School just sucks and the way it operates feels like I'm inherently at a disadvantage. I don't feel like our grading system actually properly represents academic intelligence even though it's supposed to. I've seen lots of people that I know are smart and capable fail at school like I did and the school system often doesn't care about them. It turns out getting a GED is surprisingly easy and I learned a bunch of stuff while studying for it that's actually relevant to life that school never taught me. I don't know why I didn't drop out sooner, my mom was trying to convince me to since like freshman year. She knew it'd be better for my mental health and that we weren't even learning anything cuz she's awesome. I'm really glad she's not one of those parents that thinks it's shameful to not take the conventional education path and understands that it's not inherently a reflection on your intelligence. Dropping out probably saved my life 👍 (amongst other things but still). I learned way more getting a GED anyway and I did awesome check out my scores. 

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