summer is a time to have fun (6.14.23)

hello person reading this. you are a FREAK what are you doing in thisarea.. anyway

today was the last day of school. i am in seventh grade but most my friends are in eighth and were crying because they had to leave the school. i dont particularly understand that because middle school is murder hell and i hate it. but i also hate summer. i kind of hate everything sometimes sorry guys... but i hate summer because in summer i get lonely and sad. hopefully this summer will be different than the other ones, but i dont want to get my hopes up. right now i feel pretty shitty but yk thats life.

yesterday i got ice cream with my friend codenamed morgan. they payed for my chocolate ice cream it was awesome. anyway, after that i went to pine knob to see The Cure. it was awesome, however very loud and somewhat rainy. i got a shirt! 

more on the last day of school, my frenemy codenamed santiago was acting really weird and emotional. i dont like him all that much because santiago is a tad homophobic despite the fact is brother, fabricio, is a homosexual and that i, his "best friend", is a transvestite and a bisexual. sort of strange. also, one day, morgan wore a skirt to school. morgan is AMAB and hasnt transitioned however i suspect they are transgender so i refer with they them. anyway thats offtopic. santiago kept on touching them without consent. santiago also used to do that to me but now i wear a binder. santiago will probably go to jail for sexual assault some day. 

anyway, thats all. see you later freak

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