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what i don't like/ things that are my icks

To start this off with a WARNING, I do not mean to offend people because of my generality of dislikes towards certain topics. Please don't pay no mind to me!


People who wants their peers validation by doing things that aren't themself. I HATE THIS PEOPLE WITH ALL MY MIGHT. Please don't ever confide in a person who is consider in my book, An attention seeker. It doesn't change anyone's point of view about you but just makes you look more "cooler."


The type of person who is obsessive about a particular person or core. Yes, I will call myself out for my recent obsession with Hello Kitty. I just think people go overboard when they try to create this persona that isn't them. I can remove myself from the Hello Kitty persona at any time, on my own conditions but, I just HATE when a person tries to become this persona that isn't them!


SELF-OBSESSIVE NIMRODS WHO CAN'T SEEM TO GET A REALITY CHECK BECAUSE THEY THINK THEY ARE THE REALITY. I just cannot consume this fa├žade that you can sit here and be head over heals with yourself. It's insanity. I get the terms of checking yourself out, but not 24/7, it's not okay.


Gay, Black, or any oppressive minorities liking towards the Republican Party. This is an non-explainable ick. But for some others who fit in the category, here's a question. Why would you be put in a position where your life or your rights can be taken away from a vote you had contributed to? Don't you feel ashamed in your choices of giving away a life that you put to value? Please let those questions simmer in your mindset.


To conclude the icks of it all, is the people with low value to their hygiene. It's seriously a epidemic over by my school, between smelling stinky people ranging from boy's armpits to female's hair. It's very awkward to not be reconciled by your peers or adults. What are y'all doing by not contributing to your hygiene? It will only make it worse for you when entering other obstacles in your life where people will become in all honesty with your health.

Hope everyone enjoyed my little segment on SpaceHey! And please follow me so we can chat or discuss and debate. Love to everyone !!

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