last exam

im gonna give myself burnout if i keep studying all day while only having two or three hours to myself and then feeling guilty about not being productive but w/e lol. tomorrow's my last exam, a history exam. rn it still seems like i know everything, not that it is a lot but i tend to black out during exams :/
i really wanna get back to studying physics and japanese on the daily, i really slacked off. well, i have tomorrow to do ELEVEN problems on waves which i dont understand at all since i missed the last lesson x3 GREAT

it's so stupid that i like sciences, the most stupid of which is computer science. man those classes really suck, we have a middle school teacher that always seems like he himself doesnt quite know what he's supposed to do. depressing; for that project i want to make a web scraper cause obviously programming that will be way less work than just copying all the player names for our database.

to update on that library situation, they dont really open and even if, i think im still too shy to actually go to one just to study, id feel really weird tbh. persona mixes with rain pouring in the background help you focus surprisingly well, it's just the right kind of catchy while still not being distracting (this blog is me procrastinating by the way)

last nice thing about today: my friends got their a-level results and they pretty much all passed. im really proud of my bf, he's very smart and it's a shame he hates physics lmao, it was his best grade out of his exams.

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