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Break City Blog 6/14/23 "Break, In MY City? It's More Likely Than You Think."

By Roll

Practice makes progress and progress is poggers, and I made a little bit. You know the jist of it, busy busy busy busy busy busy. Blah blah blah it seems like that's all I can talk about these days. But I think I'll use this blog to spitball ideas more so that I have a way to archive ideas I have even if it doesn't work out. Obviously I can't show EVERYTHING yet but I'll show things that can't be easily replicated.

Anyways I got some concepts figured out as well as torcha's moveset concept done but not sketched out yet. Mecha-Greg will be a difficult task to tackle because of the second person but I'll figure it out.

I saw Across The Spider Verse with a good friend yesterday and oh my god it was amazing. I've always wanted to clash art styles and animation techniques like that. Anyways I've thought of cool character selection concept where the cast look upon a giant screen selecting who goes against who like the tournament is predetermined but also random. That's all I got right now toodles!!

Duccinn: The Movie

world famous duccinn here, hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii


Slowly but surely.

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