tattoo thoughts....hmm....

sometimes i think to myself i should be a tattoo artist but then i realize … im not the best drawer so i sit down. one day maybe definitely plan on getting tattoos in the mean time (once I get more money)

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sadly you have to be perfect at drawing if you wanna be a tattoo artist so you have to learn it. it is not impossible to learn how to draw, but it is really hard. i learned how to draw by myself, i dont think i have a talent, but i spent almost 10 years on drawing. like it was with me all the time. you can learn it, if you really want to do tattoos, you can do it. i believe in you!! you just have to push through it, because all the time you will have art block, but even in situations like that you have to still keep practising. what kind of tattoo do you wanna get on yourself?

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i am a tattoo artist so if you have any question just add me, i will help:)

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i do tattoos on my friends sometimes but they're the most godawful stick and pokes ever. me and my friends are all kinda dead beat losers so we have a lot of shitty tattoos between us.

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