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Y-Incision Fantasy Review!!

[I wrote this a month ago and wasn't able to post it for whatever reason!!]

Kind of hard to believe it'll have been a year since Saturday Morning Mashcore came out soon ö!! Anway, here's my thoughts and "review" on RUMBLERAGGA's newest album, Y-INCISION FANTASY, released just two days previous of me writing this, on May 5th 2023. (It was released that day, I'm not writing this that day.)

The cover for RUMBLERAGGA's album, Y-INCISION FANTASY. It features lots of jarring imagery, including the hammer and sickle, a symbol of ouroboros, the baby from Eraserhead, the parental advisory explicit content warning sticker, and a distorted troll face, among others.

The first thing I'd like to note about this album is how tame and stripped back it is in comparison to the previous things released under the RUMBLERAGGA alias, and it feels more akin to a DJ-CIRKL-9 release, almost. It's a lot more of a traditional rave sound than the edgy, in-your-face murderous mashcore meatfest I've grown accustomed to. And, personally, I don't like it as much. ☹
That isn't to say the album is BAD though. It's certainly very well made, but the repetition that tends to accustom the aforementioned more traditional rave sound becomes very boring and even a little grating to me, especially as not much changes to give the repeating loops any flavor. And it's not just a track or two, even the repetition itself becomes repetitive. On top of that, it's just missing that characteristic PUNCH! Something about the bass, maybe? It's just so much.. lower.

Something I also find to be pretty interesting is the lack of a title track. It's not like it's something that he does on every album, I just find it interesting on account of the fact there is a demo packaged as a bonus track with ULTIMATE × INTIMATE titled "Y-INCISION FANTASIES (Despite Everything, Thank You)"
..It really reeks (..not in a bad way..) of being from around that time. It's noisy and evil, and the Speak & Spell samples are perfectly jarring alongside the cutesy singing and vicious, incongruent beats that blast with no sympathy. So, it's no surprise such a track wouldn't appear in that form alongside the rest of the more modern, sleek, and muzzled Y-INCISION FANTASY. I have to wonder though, what did it become? Did it slowly dissipate into just the title, is it the idea for the whole album, or was it contorted and twisted into a track onto the final album, completely unrecognizable from its nearly half a decade old form? Who knows.
I know this review or write-up or whatever might make it seem like I really don't like this album, but don't get me wrong.. it's very good. Just, to me at least, not as good as RUMBLERAGGA's other releases. To me, it's like Daft Punk's "Homework". A great album, but not as memorable as the others, a good chunk of that due to the repetition of the tracks.

I'm not a guy for numerical ratings, but I'll give RUMBLERAGGA'S Y-INCISION FANTASY a 6/10, just for the sake of "completeness".
Amount of Times I Said "Repetitive",  "Repetition", or "Repeating": 5

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