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nct dream 'broken melodies' teaser!!

even though it dropped way later than it should have (a little over 4 days until the release is so distasteful, smh sm), we finally have a peek at what is to come next monday ◡̈ it's not a teaser per say, more a narration of shakespeare's 'midsummer nights dream' to clips of the guys running, sitting, and being on the telephone. the streets are saying dynl 2.0, and i'm inclined to agree. however the specific quote used in the video leads me to believe it might fall more along the complicated love theme than a 'don't need love' theme. 

the quote comes from a scene where helena is telling of demetrius, who is in love with hermia. i can see some parallels drawn to the track videos from 'hot sauce' era where there was an obvious love triangle between jisung, mark, and an unknown person. this specific literature that they chose is so interesting to me bc in the track videos in 2021, jisung is in love with this "person" who is in turn in love with mark. helena could potentially be jisung who is in love with demetrius (the unknown person) who is in love with hermia (mark). 

i can't remember but i think midsummer nights dream very well, so i'll reread it and come back with more theories. but the story did end well if i remember correctly, so the theme of broken melodies may not be as sad or depressing as we think, although we obviously cannot base the entire concept on one quote read out from a video. 

we will see, till next time ◡̈ 

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