From a Knight to A Lady IS SOOOO GOOD

Yesterday I finished reading From a Knight to A Lady on Webtoon and I'm so sad the English translation hasn't been added yet. The series is going into Season 2, but the new episodes are in Korean, so I can't wait. It was one of the few Webtoons that I knew I would love, and I really did, considering how fast I finished it.

On another note, do you ever read anything, and the two characters that have discovered their feelings for each other slowly do something like kiss? Or maybe hold hands for the first time? And it makes you want to kick your feet and giggle and just gives you a burst of energy? I need to know because these are my symptoms for when a ship has sailed, if you know what I mean. Especially when something is trying to get between the characters or there's some issue that has been keeping them too busy to see each other as often.

That's it for today, and for my first entry!

white lilies :)

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