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A week ago me and 4 other people from my class were put in a group to make a presentation about music, so i thought that we were going to do it together, but 3 of them were one of those boys that don't care about grades and stuff (even about the grades in music) so me and the other girl planned to make the presentation together but after school she told me that her computer was broken (btw im working from a phone so if i can, she can too) and she continued to say even dumber excuses. Which is understandable itself because she has always relied on other people just because she is one of the loud girls in class. So i decided to make the whole presentation myself. She probably thought im dumb since i told her "ok, i will do it myself" but i don't really care about her, the only thing i care now about is the question: Why do i always have to be the one doing everything? Am i some kind of a magnet to lazy people? Or am i just being that kind to not tell them to f*ck off? Or maybe they view me as some dependable person? As i think about it like that, i think that they just really don't care about anything.

Enough about that, the other important thing that i am worried about is my relationship with 2 of my friends in school. We have always been in good terms but today they started acting very distant and quiet. Im not sure why but i think that its because a few days ago we went to watch a scary movie which i didn't liked because it was another dumb Hollywood clichè and they got kinda mad about me "always being negative about everything", but i was just sharing my opinion on the movie itself.

Anyways, today i decided to clean my place since in was very nasty so im so tired right now.

Good night, my dear followers that don't exist. <3

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