Welcome to My Page: Commissions and Pricing

Hello! I hope the day/night has treated you well and welcome to my page! I'm an experienced fanfiction writer as I've been active since 2015. 


2000-2500 words $25

5000-5500 words $50

10000-10500 words $100

Socials and Safety

If your skeptical about my work, you can follow me on TikTok and watch my creative process and I try to build this page and my writing skills upward. As well as reach my final goal. Links to my FFN.net and my Ao3 are in my bio. Same for my TikTok. 

Final Words

I also will be posting short stories of my OTP (Natsu and Lucy) to show off my skills, but also build up a cute little series for people who are also interested in the ship. 

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