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Kernel of Iron

When I was in my late teens I made a discovery about myself. I've tripped more than a few times, acid and 'shrooms, even done peyote buds. One thing I found out; I have this core. No matter the trip there was always a bit of me in control, an icy observer or a kernel of iron. Something that kept me anchored.

That self knowledge has been a great assurance throughout my life. It's one of the reasons I can keep going when things get bad.

It's something about myself I really like, and it's one of the reasons I feel I can be of help to people. I've been through a lot of shit in my life, you don't get to your sixties without it. Lost my dad and older brother, divorced twice, bankruptcy and well off both, that to me translates into having the... I dunno, proper viewpoint, what am I trying to say here, fuck I'm tired...

Anyway. If you've read this far and you need a boost, to know that yeah, shit happens but you can keep going, well here you are. Sometimes being strong is just about keeping going.

Keep going.

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Cranky Old Witch

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Since Col. Mustard met with that freak accident in the library with a candlestick. The job has been open.

In well-deserved recognition of your steadfastness in the face of tripping balls, I hereby elevate you to the rank of O-5 full bird colonel.

Welcome to the team, Colonel Iron!

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There once was an old Southern Colonel
With a sense of humor most infolonel
He made everyone choke
With a horrible joke
That he found in the Ladies Home Jolonel! XD

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