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So I already posted this in my "Learning Japanese" Group, but I'm posting it again in my blog in case anyone else is curious about what I use to learn Japanese. But, I'm mostly looking for someone to send me the resources they use, cause I want more.

From the group forum:

It seems like everyone I am talking to is using different ways and resources to teach themselves Japanese. I can't afford to take classes so I am curious if there are better ways than my own to learn the language.

Currently, my resources are:
  • WaniKani - It teaches Kanji using mnemonics and spaced repetition. It has helped me a lot besides just straight up remembering the Kanji. Although some of the mnemonics are wack. It is free up to level 4 then after you have to subscribe. Even if you don't subscribe, it teaches you 55% of the Kanji in the JLPT N5
  • ¬†Jakeipuu - It's an app version for Wanikani, you just pair it up. I do like going on the computer better for it though. I just use it if I'm traveling or I can't fully study that day
  • LingoDeer - Wayy better than Duolingo btw. It gives you courses on Japanese with each lesson having its subject, vocabulary, then a reading and speaking section. A lot of people use it wrong though and think they can just do the lessons and call it a day. You have to read and study the learning tips then the vocabulary and remember the kanji for them. The reading and speaking will seem difficult at first and fly over your head but as you progress you'll notice patterns. I read up on the learning tips and study the vocab while, repeating the lesson and its review for about a week. The first few lessons are super easy though so I didn't really follow that schedule till later. The app version is better than the computer because there are 5 min quizzes and custom grammar and vocab reviews. There is a subscription for LingoDeer but, I got it as a gift. But close to Christmas, they have a sale for the lifetime subscription. The original price is $200 but the sale knocks it down to $75, so it is definitely worth it
  • - I use this website to memorize the stroke order of any kanji I come upon
I hope I helped some of you out with this and thank you for reading! If anyone else has any other or better resources please post it below

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