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the death of the goth subculture

   Even though there's been a "goth revival" of sorts and some people are listening to actual actual goth music I still feel that the subculture is dead. 

   I feel like most people aren't interested in death positivity ,anti-capitalism, the beauty of the dark and sinister or just in general defying the norms. Most people are just there because they find the music and style attractive which isn't a bad thing inherently but you can't really build a community based on that.

  This frustration of mine stems from just feeling very alone in my interests, even within the goth community

  I have a lot of opinions on this but this already feels kind of rambly

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honestly you’re so real for this. i feel like a lot of subcultures are dying because it’s all about “aesthetic” now. everything is just a performance for social media and not a genuine expression of the self. and capitalists are preying upon subcultures that were supposed to be anticapitalists by selling paperclip earrings for like 20$ to some middle class person who wants to be goth or punk or whatever but is too lazy to even diy anything

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Captalists will always try to profit of everything, that's nothing new. The infuriating part of all this are the goths who buy into it out of laziness or lack of creativity.
I think that big companies( like killstar for exp) are not only bad because they are fast fashion but also because they have such a soulless feel.
A second hand piece of clothing has a story behind it, the alterations have meaning and personality. Buying second hand is offering a new life to a piece of clothing and letting the memories of the previous owner live on

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