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diary 2

I had a therapy appointment on zoom today. I don't really like my therapist but she was pretty tame for once. Izumi Makura released a new song for the first time in i think around 3 years. It's not her best song but i'm so excited that she's back. I replied to her in Japanese on twitter and she liked my comment! Angel also texted me back today. He said he moved to a different state just because. He's crazy honestly. I have so many questions but he doesn't text often so talking to him takes forever. Noodle and Cookie got into an argument. I'm on Noodle's side in this situation. I don't want to say what they were talking about but Cookie is kind of edgy. It feels like he keeps doing things that make it harder to still have a crush on him. But after talking to him i realized maybe things weren't so serious and there was nothing to worry about. Sometimes i get worried that we find out he's worse than we expected and then no one likes him anymore. But i don't think that will happen. He's genuinely nice and i don't think he's a bad guy. Also my brother and i watched Saw the final chapter! Can't wait to watch the video that puts all the events in order.

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