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૮ ˶´ ᵕˋ ˶ა HI IM BACK AND EJFEIONHENEVC I BE LOOKING SO FUCKING GOOD ( a very narcissistic selfie dump)

LONG TIME SINCE I GOT ON HERE but i had a surprise surprise scholarship exam for a school i forgot i applied to so i had to do very last minute studying for it which ended up going pretty well (except for math ofc) and the rest was mostly just me getting shit faced for 2 straight nights with some friends so id say i had a good time offline. just now i had an interview for another school and had gotten up much early to get ready but when it came to make up i genuinely thought i looked like shit but just went ahead with the interview while pretty much avoiding looking at my lil webcam in the corner BUT I KID YOU NOT WHEN THE INTERVIEW ENDED AND I GOT INTO JUST MY HOME CLOTHES AND AOINDEIUBEBCECV GODDAMN I LOOK SO FUCKING GOOD 

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Ronnie :3

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damn mami u a rare breed xoxo

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