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I saw a baby bird on the ground

The other day at work, I was walking to my car for a smoke break. Half way there I hear a baby bird crying out. I look around confused until i finally see it. Little gray thing with a bulging eyes and mouth gaped. I stared at it for a good 5 minutes not knowing what to do. It only cried when it sensed movement. I go to my car to smoke. I hear it crying again when I walk back into the building. The day became an argument with myself on what i could do to help and in the end i do nothing. I had alot more "smoke breaks" that day than usual. I just wanted to see if the bird passed or not. I left work not doing a thing. The next day, it was gone. no trace of the baby bird. 

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hmm it's possible that someone else found the baby bird and took care of it

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i really hope so lmao. poor thing

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