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Inescapable Magma

So much time...

All these months.

All these years. 

All these centuries.

How long have I waited?

With unparalleled anticipation.

With bated breath.

With open arms.

For what was taken, what was consumed, and what was ordered.

These things, these inextricable truths, have defined my each and every action, my each and every thought... Ever since that day...

The day that the final Spicy Noodle Pack was exhausted.

My precious rewarded supply, bestowed upon me due to my unmistakable fortune as the one millionth customer of Buldak x2 Spicy Noodles... 

Two hundred packages. Each containing five packs. One thousand packs in total.

I was a fool. I was ignorant. I was naïve. I thought they would last forever, and as such, I failed to savor them properly. In an act of anserine foolishness, my pitiable folly, I engaged in an act of ultimate charity and donated many of my packets to hungry soldiers of the castle after their practice... Kuhuhu... I admit, the truth you are hearing now may not be the entire truth... Perhaps I intended it as somewhat of an innocent prank in order to toughen up the poltroons within our combat corps... Keh-heh... As expected, not a single warrior within our ranks withstood the immense heat... That means I only have one opponent, and there's no way I'll succumb to his endurance ever again.

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