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Oc Drawing

Art I made of my oc Evelynn. She has a very simple design but she’s probably my favorite oc, I like drawing her a lot :3


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OHHH WOW YOUR SHADING IS AMAZING!!!!! I'm literally in love with your art style!!! + cool halftone texture!!

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i LOVEE your artstyle so much holy fawk. The colors and the lineart...the POSING GOOD LORD!!! Its so cool love ur art dude keep up the awesome work (●'◡'●)

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I love how you did the coloring~(つˆДˆ)つ。☆

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Thank you so much! I tried a lot of new stuff when coloring this so I’m glad to hear it’s something you like!

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Luna Moon

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This oc is so cute!!! I also created a new oc over on my art blog but it is nowhere as good as yours!

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Aww don’t say things like that, I’m sure your o is wonderful. Try to focus more on the positives! Tell me something you like about your oc!

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LadyCat 🌺

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Gasp oh my goodness i'm in love with Evelynn design and the art style

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I’m so glad you like her! I have quite a bit of art of her but this is by far my favorite thing that I’ve drawn loll. It’s nice to hear you like it too :D

by sabbath 🎀; ; Report

I love to know more about her tell the lore! just to check is she of age? because i want to take her hand in marriage

by LadyCat 🌺; ; Report

It’s a story that means a lot to me!

by sabbath 🎀; ; Report

Aww i love this idea so much!

by LadyCat 🌺; ; Report

Thanks! I’m still workshopping it so nothing is set in stone but I’m happy you like my idea so far!

by sabbath 🎀; ; Report

Adore these type of stories and characters i'm curious do you have a drawing of Aiko too :0?

by LadyCat 🌺; ; Report

Okay welp that didn’t work. If you paste this link into your browser it will take u to the image on imgur:

by sabbath 🎀; ; Report

The link worked!

Aww how lovely i'm in love with your art style and seeing how it improves

by LadyCat 🌺; ; Report

I’m really glad you think so! Aki is actually probably one of my oldest ocs, I made him around 2014-2016 so I actually have a tonnn of more art of him, it’s just his old design had white hair which I ended up deciding to make black sometime in 2020. I’ve been drawing him for a long time!

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Thanks for talking about my ocs with me. It’s rare I have an opportunity like this so it’s super exciting!

by sabbath 🎀; ; Report

My pleasure always enjoy hearing and learning about people ocs and their lore

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tobi ☆

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this is beautiful !!! I love you’re art style :Dd

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Thamk you so much Tobi :DDD I worked real hard on it!

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you can tell !! :Dd you’re really talented !!!

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