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The Darkness The Void

Under me was the bed

where i comfortably laid my head

a pillow so soft

i felt i had it all

even if it was for a second

i could feel the darkness, the void

of closing my eyes, 

teasing me to come inside

my body didn't want to move

as my brain felt the groove

of the bed pulling me in

into the darkness, the void

That is how it begins.

"let me out"


"please i beg"

"simply just lay your head"

The darkness, the void

it was speaking to me

it toyed

it knows im weak

as the pillow felt my cheek

But now my sorrows drift away

as my mind betrays

the thoughts of still being on that bed

where i once comfortably laid my head

pillow no longer soft

i still had it all

all the strength to fight the void, the darkness

as i open my eyes

i can feel the shine

of a new day

to go out and explore

with no more delay.

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