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Rant about my job grgaghrn

So basically I work at this restaurant and everyone is so cool omagah,, my coworkers don't see me as some annoying ass child that's only in their way during work, but they treat me really well and I started warming up to them :3 and they are somehow patient with me while talking to me ??(It's difficult for me to speak and most of the time I just take breaks during sentences and go "..uhhh... uhmmm... ye soo..!") oh by the way most of them are in their early and late 20's so maybe that's why they are so nice to me :P after some time I was like "ok maybe i'm actually doing a good job with communicating with my coworkers ^^ !!!" but this slowly was denied by my manager !!! :3.. basically he told me that I need to communicate more during work (not talking about the casual small talks and conversations) instead of just standing in place confused and lost and when I said that im trying my best he wished me good luck >:33 he deffo noticed that it's hard for me to communicate cause we had similar conversations a few more times T_T... anyways !! they are opening a new restaurant and they need new workers (plus the new restaurant is like 10-20min drive from where i live so lezgoo !!) so they will move me there AND IM SO SCARED RAGGHH G T_T ........ first of all . i'll be working there right after they open so that means endless orders blablabla AND NEW COWORKERS NEW PEOPLE NEW PLACE AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.... and i'm probably the only one that's being moved to the new restaurant so ALLL of the people will be new . oh and they didn't accept my friends job application cause they are looking for adults. BUT the THING IS . my mom works at the restaurants department ( idk how to call it ) and she is one of the managers so she knows most of the stuff that's going on there ( that's how i got the job :P ) and they REALLY REALLY need new workers cause there's not enough AND THEY DIDN'T ACCEPT MY FRIEND ??? like .. my mom found it weird too like ok they need new workers and they rejected her offer ?.. anyways rant over also sorry if there are any grammar mistakes im literally typing this while laying and it's almost 2am anywyas good night I STILL DONT REALLYKNOW HOW THIS SITE WORKDS .

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that sucks bro. at least it's closer. hopefully your new coworkers are as nice as your current ones!

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thanks !!! ^^ I actually got added to the new gc and the one guy that I got along with really well is also gonna work there and the others there also look cool :3

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