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Idk Anymore

I need someone to talk to ;w;

I'm hella lonely rn and all of my friends are on vacation so guys plz message me

I'll talk to anyone rn

This dude I met when I was 9 found my Insta and Snap and started messaging me after 7 years. We've had crushes on each other this whole time but now I'm starting to lose interest because he told me he was going to ask me out but he just keeps sittin on it and not doing it. Like, if you're for sure going to do something like you said you would, I'm obviously going to get aggravated and lose interest when you never do it. It's just kind of a turn off, you know? I'm not going to wait on you forever. I'm a very impatient person lol.

I'm just bored and I'm interested in talking to people for the first time in my entire life. I'm very antisocial so this is a surprise to everyone lmao. 

If you're interested just message me and we can talk and get to know each other. Ask me anything lol

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