Character intro!!!!! XD

A 21 year old boy!!! His name is oliver, hes a ambivert who doesnt talk much, only to the people hes friends with he is also pansexual!!! (More info will be shown in the story) XD

A 20 year old vampire!! His name is felix and hes not that trusting of people. He has been hiding himself from the world to not get into trouble since vampires are "monsters" and "Horrible beings".

He hunts down people from the village at night who step into the woods he lives in. for food of course. He is also agender and bisexual but goes by masculine and They/them pronouns! :3

Xavier is a 22 year old boy who is a close friend to Oliver!!!  He cares for him dearly and sees him as a little brother, He is Gay and he  is single sadly, though i may make an oc for him, or let yall decide if you join my silly discord server below :3

(Dont..mind the size)


Sally is a MTF 22 year old!! She is very caring at most and loves cats! She is also a lesbian:3

Francis is someone who is in Olivers friend group and Is dating Sally!! She can be very serious at times but she only cares for the people shes close too :3

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