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mf proshippers...

Sometimes I forget proshipping is actually a thing and not a big joke LMFAO. I genuinely do not understand how someone's brain can be so underdeveloped that they think shipping (for example) an adult and a literal child is A-OK. OMGGG MAN The Walking Dead season 2 game.. Clementine and Luke. adorable duo (please don't take that in the wrong mf way) right? He saved her, they look good together in an apocalyptic scenario. BUT THERE ARE PEOPLE WHO THINK THEY'D BE A GOOD COUPLE????????? WHAT HELLO? HE IS LIKE 25+ AND SHES FUCKING 12. I think it's time that you should seek mental help :3 don't get me started on sibling ships man.... I will scoop my eyes out with a melon baller if I ever see another one. 

                                                                   Proshippers DNI  :P 

(also sorry if the category for this is goofy, I didn't know what else to put... but hey it fits XD)

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Right?! I just wanna read fanfiction/look at fanart in some fandoms and proshippers have taken over. Like, in Metal Family, everyone ships Dee with his brother, his father, or his uncle- not his crush. The kid is 15. His brother is 12. They're kids. and this is a problem in so many fandoms. I hate proshippers with a passion. I don't understand how someone competent enough to navigate the internet can think that's okay.

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