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Cassettes are way cooler than CDs

I don't feel super strongly about this cause like... obviously it's way easier to burn a CD than it is a tape from the radio, and yeah CDs are more convenient and easier to have on you, and they both have their place as mediums, but like... c'mon man. Cassettes are just cooler. I feel more comfortable with my tiny ass cassette collection than I do with my fuck-ton of CDs. Something about the way they feel in my hands and the feeling of setting a tape in the player just feels right.

It does kind of suck that I can't get some of my favorite albums on cassette though (Not officially anyways).

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right? i love cassette tapes. they moved to cds because they hold more information on them, but i don't care! i am here for a good time not a long time! i live for the aesthetic!

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