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I thought you could draw on this but you cannot….

Alas, friends!!!!!

I will push onward!!!!

Be sure to tell your friends, family and any Animals that you know about the Eggman Empire and how cool and awesome it is. U should totally join btw. Just saying!

Until we meet again…

*Eggman’s lackey (the evil dougie boy) 

Please have a wonderful day and be sure not to pay attention to the loud explosions and robot invasion ongoing beyond your comfortable home.  That is nothing of your concern! ^_^

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I hope you have a great time taking over the world !!! Make sure to eat lasagna when you’re finished

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Why thank you.!!!!!!!!!!
Would you….like to share…

by DOUGIE BOY/Robotnik :-}; ; Report

Of course Doctor :3

by xxK0VE_xx; ; Report