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I need energy

Can someone plz tell me how can I be more energetic without coffe and taking vitamin cause I have been sleeping for atleast 7 hours every single day and I still feel like shit, I have to wake up at 6.00 cause I workout for atleast 1 hour every day and I also study for like a 6 7 hours but cause of feeling always tired I cant finish my studies someone plz help I feel like I'm dying

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assuming ur overall health is decent (some medical disorders/chronic illness can cause fatigue), how often are you getting sunlight? for me vitamin D deficiency was why i felt tired a lot. other causes may be diet isn't balanced / nutritious enough, or not getting enough water. but also if there's a lot going on in ur life, ur stressed, busy, etc. then that can be the reason too T_T

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Yes I'm low on vitamin D and also I'm always stressed. I know that I should eat healthy, take my vitamins and I'm trying right now but this progress is going to be kinda long I just need a quick way to feel energetic.Thank you for ur comment I rlly appreciate it.

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