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13th June '23

Alright, so first off, I'm lmho 🀣

Mi account's 23-hours-old and that's tbh a lot less than i'd expected !! I've been eager to make a post all day but yk with the way these things go~ I'd prefer to make a proper post than a microblog-type text; anywayssss~

To begin with, I haven't slept since the night of the 11th !!! I stayed up through the night due in part to the sleepover but guess what, friends: The invitee dozed-off soon into the night .. and they'd been claiming they're a night owl πŸ¦‰πŸŽ‘

xP guess some people just can't hang against Ash, the swag star πŸ’« || πŸ˜‹ though I say this in jest, ofc.

Sooooo, I'll now detail what all happened today !!


Night of 12th: I browsed alt socials and listened to some fun music. Had been suggested some epic edm during the day & spent the evening replaying and generally having a sweet time. It was lit lit. Sleepover invitee & other had intended to either pull an all-nighter or wake up for the NBA b-ball final πŸ€β›ΉοΈβ€β™‚οΈ -- it was Game 5 & the Denver Nuggets beat the Miami Heat 94-89 to win the title. The set score prior to that match had been 3-1 so it wouldn'tve mattered much to'em had Miami won the match bc they wouldve had at least one other opportunity to watch the finals & been at ease with their having dozed-off ... alas. Lolz. I don't watch basketball or much sports for that matter, although I do watch football (classic football, y'all, not the American hand-egg.)

Early morning of the 13th: Spoke to some friends on dc 😊 Shared some media with them & had quick chats. I'd intended to fall asleep eventually but oh whale, it wasn't to pass :') soz for cutting the chat off early, mate (yk who u r xP)

Dawn today: mm i saw a fuchsia-coloured car on the motorway. Was a sweet colour & someone I'd been travelling with said it's reminiscent of a Miami Beach-type vibe.

Morning today: Ate a yummy breakfast cooked in olive oil, checked-in with fam, drank coffee ... πŸ™ƒβ˜•οΈ and, yas, i drink coffee like a pro but am still super sensitive to it ... as evidenced by the fact am still awake and it's nearly evening time 😝

Noon, Β±1h : more internetting. Learnt some fun stuff today.. am alr getting restless so haha i'll proba post that laterz.

Afternoon: vibed with sleepover invitee, did some home gardening (horticulture is a passion frrlz). Played some smooth house songs & lists on yt.


ok whatevs ive to go so seeya in a bit or whenevz.

Cheers; love. Tc all

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